Microbiome and Gut Function Testing

Take a look at the fantastic work that Invivo is doing to support your microbiome and your health. All tests are completed at home. The results help you to understand the role of the microbiome in your health concerns. Then, most importantly, what you can do to resolve issues and create health.


I use these teas in Women’s Circles, Workshops and Ceremonies. An ancient and sacred tonic for our wellbeing. Offering a familiar and gentle comfort whilst balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing us to dip into our subconscious and access wise words and inspiring visions.


Some Products I Love.

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ION* Gut: 236ml. A pure liquid supplement to stimulate the natural protective mechanisms that guard against leaky gut and environmental toxins. £29.95

Glutamine Powder: 100g. An amino acid supplement to maintain the health of the intestinal lining and guard against leaky gut. £13.50

Digestive Enzyme Formula: 90 Capsules. Enzymes and HCL to help digest food and maintain a healthy pH in the stomach. £14.90

Cat’s Claw: 60ml. An alcohol-free tincture of pure cat’s claw bark extract to support a healthy immune system. £16.99 **always seek advice before using this supplement**

Bio-Defence: 60 capsules. A mixed mushroom capsule to maintain a healthy immune response. £28

PharmaEPA Maintain: 60 capsules. A fish oil supplement with the optimum ratio of EPA, DHA and GLA. Superb immune support with additional vitamin D3 and E. £17.99

Colloidal Silver: A spray with antimicrobial properties to use on hands. £12.99

**As always, keep yourself safe and consult your Nutritional Therapist or Functional Medicine practitioner before incorporating new supplements or wellbeing products.