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Hi, I’m Sally

A Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach.

I have a degree in Nutritional Therapy and a postgrad qualification in Functional Medicine.

I’ve been in private practice for 12 years.

I’m an accredited Priestess and I’m currently studying Somatic Healing and Coaching.

I’ve navigated my way through ill health, using nutritional and lifestyle medicine, to find well-being and peace of mind……and a healthy gut!

My Offerings

Health of the whole body and of the digestive system is the result of a combination of elements.

Food | Microbiome | Movement | Breath | Connection to Nature | Soul Purpose | Healthy Relationships | Peaceful Reflection

I provide knowledge, tools and resources that support these elements. That may be during a Nutritional Therapy Consultation, a Meditation Group or a Wellbeing Workshop  

My Story

I love the meeting point of human experience, science and spirituality.  A deep understanding of Lifestyle Medicine, a decade supporting others using Nutritional Therapy, and a passion for metaphysics led me to this point.

Through my 20’s and early 30’s my body experienced debilitating stage IV Endometriosis. My digestive system was greatly affected, and as found out later, poor gut health was a root cause of the endometrisosis and autoimmunity.

After 4 major surgeries, hormone therapy and 2 unsuccessful IVF I began a quest to heal, gaining a degree in Nutritional Medicine and a postgrad qualification from the Institute For Functional Medicine. The medicinal power of food helped me heal physically yet the heartbreak of those earlier years left scars of a different kind.

Those scars healed as I trained to become a Priestess in the beautiful town of Glastonbury, UK. This spiritual deep dive into my inner world blessed me with a raw and vulnerable experience. I gained a new understanding of myself, a greater appreciation for my body and a love for the world around me.

As I evolved I understood that healing is rather complex. It involves our physical body, our mental thoughts, and it can be a spiritual journey of awakening if we choose to see it this way.

In my work, I combine the skills of my education, the insights gleaned from 12 years of private practice, and the wisdom gained from personal experience.

I’m a firm believer in people. It’s an honour to hold space for another person as they connect to their inner compass and create a vibrant healthy life.


I’d love to accompany you.

To witness you shine a light on the shadows of the MIND. To acknowledge your commitment to the physical wellbeing of your BODY. To celebrate with you as you evolve and walk your SOUL path.

Wild Love, Sally X

Sally Cowman BSc NMed, BA (Hons), Accredited Priestess, AFMCP, DNALife Prac.