Wellbeing Products

Some of the Wellbeing Products I love

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ION* Gut: 236ml. A pure liquid supplement to stimulate the natural protective mechanisms that guard against leaky gut and environmental toxins. £29.95

Glutamine Powder: 100g. An amino acid supplement to maintain the health of the intestinal lining and guard against leaky gut. £13.50

Digestive Enzyme Formula: 90 Capsules. Enzymes and HCL to help digest food and maintain a healthy pH in the stomach. £14.90

Cat’s Claw: 60ml. An alcohol-free tincture of pure cat’s claw bark extract to support a healthy immune system. £16.99 **always seek advice before using this supplement**

Bio-Defence: 60 capsules. A mixed mushroom capsule to maintain a healthy immune response. £28

PharmaEPA Maintain: 60 capsules. A fish oil supplement with the optimum ratio of EPA, DHA and GLA. Superb immune support with additional vitamin D3 and E. £17.99

Colloidal Silver: A spray with antimicrobial properties to use on hands. £12.99

**As always, keep yourself safe and consult your Nutritional Therapist or Functional Medicine practitioner before incorporating new supplements or wellbeing products.