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All sessions are £80 per hour.  The initial consultation will be 90 minutes long with follow-up sessions lasting an hour.

You’ll explore the factors that contribute to ill health and learn simple, practical and effective skills that restore your vitality and wellbeing.

Using Nutritional Therapy, Lifestyle Medicine and Self Exploration you will…….

Reduce Pain

Calm Anxiety and Lift Depression

Regulate the Hormones

Ease the Digestive System

Support the Microbiome

Provide a High Nutrient Diet

Reduce Exhaustion

Eradicate Underlying Viral, Bacterial and Parasitic infections 

Identify and Process the Emotional Triggers of Chronic Illness

The beauty of this work is that you’ll develop skills to use again and again.  Fully prepared to successfully navigate your way through life, happier and healthier.

You may wish to read this blog post where I answer the most frequently asked questions asked by new clients.


Connection, understanding and love are fundamental components to a healthy life. Gathering together in a group will foster all three helping us to enhance each other’s experience.

All ages welcome, teens upwards.

Third Tuesday of each month. 7 pm till 8.30 pm.

Olympus House, High Street, Tattenhall, Cheshire, CH3 9PX.

Please contact me if you would like to join.


More workshops and retreats to be announced in the Autumn.


The power of a ceremony is undeniable. It brings a deeper meaning to any pivotal moment in our life. It provides a sacred space where we can set an intention, establish a connection and acknowledge achievement.

Ceremonies are a container for celebration; perfect for the point of transition when we’re ready to step over a threshold into a new future. Helping us to embody the new person we’re becoming.

A period of ill health calls for us to transform our beliefs about ourselves. Ceremonies are a beautiful accompaniment as we walk our healing journey.

Acknwledge the past ~ Bring awareness to the present moment ~ Consciously create the future