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One to One Sessions

When you come for your first hour long appointment we’ll take time to discuss the digestive problems you’ve been experiencing.  As you speak, I’ll gain an understanding of the root causes of your digestive discomfort. For each person this is different and so together we’ll create a personalised eating and lifestyle plan that supports the health of your gut and your overall wellbeing. If you wish we can discuss microbiome and gut analysis testing which will give us further detailed information.

£70 per Hour


1st Wednesday of each month  |  £10

7 am start

A little sacred time for yourself.

Guided and silent meditation interwoven with the magic of the moon cycles and seasons.  Your body will feel rested and your mind calm as we align with the natural flow of the earth.



Tea Circle

Wednesday 14th September

Discover the sacred art of tea ceremony. Join Attic Tea for a tasting of premium Chinese teas and botanical blends. Using guided meditation discover your own constitutional tea and learn how to incorporate a daily tea ritual that will nurture the mind and body.


Art and Archetype

Sunday 9th October

No previous artistic experience is needed! Create your own soul-based artwork with artist Lydia Virgin and myself. Using guided meditation and journalling you’ll meet the lovingly powerful archetype of the Queen. From this inner exploration, you’ll then create a truly unique piece of expressive art.